My Studio, Office & Family Photos

On top of Studio Cabinet
Boy doll; pictures of Amber & Arielle
Welcome to my studio
Collectible Wooden Spool Box
Collectible bear given to me by my mother
Enchanted Attic Studio
Elephant Shelf with kittens
Bride doll given to me from Jim
Office window
Picture in my office
Family Photos
Treasures on shelf
Photos, shuttle...
Print Box full of miniatures
Studio Sewing Baskets
Studio Shelf Dolls
Collection of Treasures
Sewing box and scarf on chair
Shuttles, framed print
Studio picture & pincushion
Studio picture
Office helper
Picture in my office
Office items
Up close to the ceiling
Entertainment and storage unit
Office storage
Framed picture on my office wall
Items on shelving above and on desk
Items on top of office file cabinets
Items on my office desk
American Indian doll on bear
One of my favorite pictures in my studio!
Cute doll head
Enchanted Attic Studio
Enchanted Attic Studio
Enchanted Attic Studio
Favorite old picture
Office Dolls
Office Dolls
Office Doll