2004 Maui Weddings 5/05/04 -to- 5/28/04 a.m.

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Morrison & Howe, 5/28/04 a.m., South Malu'aka
Bill & Valerie begin their Ceremony
Their flowers
Two Little Love Birds...
Just Maui'd!
So Cute Together!
On the Malu'aka path
Bill and Valerie
Now, off to their Honeymoon
Vasco & Flores, 5/23/04, Dunes of Maui Lani
Candid Moment
Vasco & Flores Bridal Party
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Flores
Ivan & Joni, close up
Aren't they an Awesome couple?
Beautiful cake!
Cutting their cake
The Flores Rings
Over the threshold
Sanchez & Roelling, 5/15/04, So. Malu'aka
On So. Maluaka with family & guests
Their Ring of Flowers
Their Vows
Just Maui'd!
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Roelling
Ron & Priscilla---Wow!
Playing with the cake!
A little pause in the rain
And they cuddled happily ever after...
Lowe & Shea, 5/10/04, Pali Uli-Huelo
A ceremony prayer
A'apali on the No. Shore at Huelo
Check out the rug!
On their HUGE fireplace couch
Their poolside bedroom-bungalow
At the lily pond...
In the garden at A'apali, Pali Uli
Dan & Keri-anne, just having FUN!
A fun Threshold shot
Henkelman & Annala, 5/5/04, So. Malu'aka
Erika's beautiful bouquet
The Kiss
Family came for the big Event
With a SOPRANOS theme
And looks great in B/W, too
Doug & Erika, Just Maui'd
The sun sets on Erika and Doug
Now let the Honeymoon begin!