The Highland Hens (NEW)

5 days old
5 days old
1 week old
1 week old
1 week old
Hey Kids & The Mystery Chick
Mystery Chick 5 days old
Mystery Chick 5 days old
The Shed & The Guard Dog
The Arrival
The Cats
The Mystery Chicken
A Rhode Island Red
Mystery Chicken & The Gang
The Self Waterer
The Hand Feeding
The Scratch Feeder
The Auto Feeder
The Pecking Order
More Hand Feeding
and More Hand Feeding
Hand Feeding in the brooder
The New Coop
Building the coop
The Mother Hen
Lucy sleeping in the car
Chicken Car Seat
Chicken Of The Sea
Grandma's Little Red Head
Visiting Grandma's
Russian Chicken Toy
The Barn
Moving from the brooder
Drew in the barn
The chicken whisperer
Miranda & Joey
The Mystery Chicken
Kramer in the temp pen
Here Chicky, Chicky
Joey and the Chickens
The Chicken Dance
Chicks Rock
The Old Tobacco Barn
Joey in The Old Tobacco Barn
The Tobacco Coop
The Tobacco Coop & Our Barn
The Chicken Coop
The Chicken Checker
Scooby Learns the ropes
Hey Kids & The Mystery Chicken
The Mystery Chicken
The Feeder
The Real MotherHen