Singles Portraits on Maui, to Current

Patti LeGary, Photographer
SCOTT, 5/12 & 5/14/07, Charley Young
In a little secret cove...
Lots of textures in this spot...
These rocks make for good props!
You gotta Love these Maui backgrounds!
Sunset's Awesome!
SCOTT SMITH 2/24/07, Charley Young
Scott also plays Volleyball...
Looks like a Magazine Cover to me!
Scott, up close
...and his roommates: Lana
and Shiloh
JAMIE-Sr. Portraits 7/24/06, Charley Young
We move away from rocks to the lawns
Closer, at the palm
Then on the wall with coconut tree behind...
And now we get serious...
with a long zoom...
the must-have for Sr. Portraits...
Following direction, this is stunning and perfect!
And we finish with sunset shots
Heather Niehoff, 2-23-06 Kihei Sr. Portraits
Heather, closeup
Could be a magazine cover?
Senior 2006
West Maui Mountains in background
Shaka! (hang loose)
Vincenza Spagnuolo 10/1/04, So. Malu'aka
Over by the So. Malu'aka Point
Then playfully, at the rocks
...and down to the beach...
...on the lawn in a different outfit...
...and in outfit #3!
Kimberly by the tree at No. Malu'aka
Gorgeous and Fun!
Chillin' at Sunset
Najona, Iao Valley
Najona at the waterfall, Iao Gardens
Najona in Iao River
B/W with soft-focus
Najona's Peeking!
Najona at the Iao Valley hut
Najona, 1 of Series
Najona, 2 in Series
Najona, 3 in Series
Musician Ginny Morgan, Maui
Minister Vance Rosete, Maui