Latest Designed & Created Jewelry

Shades of Pinks & Apple Greens
Delicate Fringed Garnet Necklace & Earrings!
Leopard, Hemitite & Carved Antler 3 sizes!
Wild Summer Fun!
Unique Turquoise, Red & Gold Tiger Eye Combo!
I Love those Tiger Eyes!
Tiger Eye Braclet of 5 Shapes!
Nice but needed something.....
Silver beads & It's Just Perfect!
Gold & Red Tiger Eye Combination!
Red Tiger Eye Oval Set
Moonstone & Garnet Set
Moonstone Pendant w/ Garnet & Pearl Necklace!
Peacock Pearl Set
Irregular Peacock Pearls Enhance MOP Donut!
Pastel Pearl Set
Definatly a Spring Statement Peice!
Unique Faceted Pearls!
Classic! Freshwater Pearls & Hemitite
Thousand Bead Power Bracelets!
Close up
Refreshed Beggar Beads!
Center ChaKra Power
Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite and Hemitite Power
1st in Macaw 5" Pin/Pendant Series