2004 Maui Weddings 1/08/04 -to- 2/26/04

Patti LeGary, Photographer
Demske & Frank, 2/26/04, SeaWatch Wailea
Nicole and Bill say their Vows
On the knoll at the SeaWatch
Wailea Golf Course in the background
A Candid Moment
Demske & Frank Bridal Party
Cake-cutting near the Upper Pond
Then off to Po'olenalena for beach photos
Bill & Nicole, Just Maui'd
Over the Threshold, Maui-style!
Nicole & Bill at Po'olenalena
A little cuddle at Sunset
Bill & Nicole arrive back at the SeaWatch
Gore & Nance, 2/14/04, Five Graves, Makena
Closeup Ceremony Moment
A private spot for Valentine's Day
Just announced "Mr. & Mrs."!
A little trespassing never hurt anyone!
Mrs. Marla Nance, over the threshold...
Not much of a sunset, but still beautiful!
Darrell & Marla Nance, closeup
Thompson 50-yr. Renewal, 2/3/04 p.m., Kapalua
Their Renewal Vows
Cuddling cuties!
Celebrating 50+ years as Sweethearts!
Thompson Family & Guests
Karpova & Plaza, 2/3/04 a.m., Makena Big Beach
Their Vows
The Kiss
Mr. & Mrs. John Plaza
Plaza & Karpova, Just Maui'd
John & Elena, over the Threshold
Cute 'n Cuddly
Taking a break
In the Big Beach trees
Osler & Creasey, 1/8/04, Wailea Marriott
Slagle Lawn, Marriott Outrigger
A Ceremony Moment
Elaine & Ken at the upper Coy Pond
West Maui Mountains in the background
The Ladies