ReCycle & Update Wardrobe With Fabric Paint!

Fall Frolic saves favorite Tshirt & covers stains
Detail of my Critters
Metalic Fall Tote carries my face paint supplies
Winter Tote
Titanic Dragons of Pern: Mating Flight
Tiny Dragonettes of Pern: Midnight Raid!
Detail of Diamond Eyed Fire Lizards
Tribal Dragon done in glitter fabric paint
Detailed design to paint
For Father & Son, too!
My Demo apron "There IS a way around it!
Nancy's 'Green' Shopping Tote!
Precious & Annie, "The Queen"
Ferret T-Shirt ; )
Painted Pocket Close-Up
Tshirt Back
Photos & owner approved sketch of "Nosey"
Mischievious Nosey's Portrait on Hubbys T-Shirt!
Pocket T-Shirt Detail
Painting Apron for Nancy
Adorable Annie & Precious As Puppies
Included Her Passed Toy Poodles
Annie, Nancy & Baby Photos
Tiny Precious, Under 2 Pounds!
Matching Tote Bag
Back of Tote
House Warming DoorKnocker for Dragon Lovers!
Paint Enhances Accessories, too!