Kenya (Turkana) - Oct 2003

The necklace Never Comes Off
Gene & Friends
Turkana Women-4
Turkana Women-5
Turkana Women-6
Turkana Women-7
Turkana Women-8
Turkana Women-9
Ricky & Friends
Turkana Women-3
Turkana Women-2
Turkana Necklace-4
Turkana Necklace-3
Turkana Necklace-2
Turkana Necklace-1
Turkana Huts
Male Headress-1
Male Headress
Stuck Again
Sharing Christ
Turkana Necklace
Another Maize Delivery
Hard Life Ages
Jackson & Gabriel
Bishop Zeph & Friends
Check Out the Hair-Do
Dub & Ricky
Exiting Turkana Hut
Exiting Turkana Hut