Pet Portrait, A Tribute To Your Best Friend!

Freckles & Family, a 3'x4' Oil Painting
From the easel to the wall
Freckles' Daughter is Sweet Sasha
Freckles, eager to please
Freckles' Son, Dufus' Sebastian
Sasha & Freckles, Father & Daughter Photo
Freckles' Son, Sebastian's Photo
Michevious Kuma Photo
12x16" Oil Painting of Kuma
Majestic Akita, Mischievious and....
She Smiles, Too!
11x14" Pencil Champ Jacamos the Beefeater '66
Heidi, devoted minature shepherd
Gracie, a fun Michevious Blue & Gold Macaw Photo
5x7" Lady Grace
Annie and Precious' reference photo
Annie and Precious
Tiny Precious, 2.6 pounds!
9x12" Precious 2006
Dark Photo of Annie a Silver Poodle
9x12" Annie 2007
National Zoo Panda Cubs
Got Frogs? 9x12"
Detail of tiny tropical frogs
Tammy's Photo - Flash washed out her color
Tammy's 8x10" Pastel 1999
From favorite photo to ...
8x10" Pastel 12/99
Challenge: from tiny 2x3" dark photo...
...To a 12x16" oil portrait!
1978 Lasa Apso in Black Pencil
Portrait Guest Soaps
Soon: Such a Lover - Buck & His Story
Detail of Guest Soaps & Photos
Key West Pelican Photo became...
12x16" Oil 'Guardian Of The Flock' 2001
We Will Miss You, Keiko