Special Pets

He thinks its his Bike & just lets me borrow it!
Total Comfort - New Cutie Kitti Club!
Tigger's Rescue Story
Lady Grace - Art Critic Extraordenaire
When she wants attention..She lets ya know!
Cookie Monster Strikes Again!
Her playtower doesnt take up much room - Lotsa Fun
Enjoying her goodies!
Her King Cage cover is warm fleece
Hours of fun shreddin' adding machine paper!
Gracie really gets into redecorating her tower!
Pretty Front for the Playtower?
Nope! Screen corals the mess!
Gracie's Sleeping bed & how-to link
Her New Bed Inspired a Lounging "Hammock'
New Comfort Addition to her playtower
Tight, but has comfy 'give' for lounging
Gracie's Favorite toy - a basket...
for a buck from Michael's Crafts store!
My Peek-A-Boo Foraging Toy Entry Won P L Contest!!
Wegman's Organic Seed Laden Artisian Bread is base
Nutritious Raw Walnuts, Fruit & Veggies Added!
Gracie's Favorite Nutritious ForagingToy -$3.50!
Whoops, chewed Baguette off the hanging link!
Gotta get those tasty baked in seeds!
8 yrs & first time she actually ATE carrots!!
Added fresh fruits veggies & protein to Olive loaf
Twice a week fun time ...
Day Lillies for Dessert!
A fisher price baby gym as a table perch!
5 places to hang toys on!
Her Carrier is a Playpen of toys, treats
Gracie's Perch & Carrier Playpen
Gracie's Economical Carrier
Perch & walking area- NO food or toys
Gracie Resting, Horizontally on Playtower
Holes drilled on top - untouched by the beak!
A safe place to store my BRI car sign?
Quality Control...
Oops, Dropped my toy...
Its gotta be in there somewhere...
Helping Rearrange Dish Towels
To The Floor!
Cosy, now that towels are gone!
Fun demolishing old sponges
What is in my baking cabinet?
Peek A Boo!
Hard to belive Gracie was once so small - Link
Cage Top; Favorite Hiding Place
New Arrival, Showing Agressive Defensive Behavior
Dominic, Cage & Toys delivered by 9am day after
The way his cage was set up in foster's home
New toys & perches added with playtime on top!
New additions to play with
I put a phone book on top of his cage
Speed Shredder At Work!!!!
'SAY WHAAT?" Belle, Son's rescued New Orleans