One Stroke: Neo Classic Double Loading Revived!

Luscious Fruit covers stain above the sink
I was even able to get a dewdrop on the apple!
Pear covers the tall stain!
Continuation of plant above cabinet, complete with
Shadows make them look alive!
Last Leaf covers damage on cabinet door
New Life For Old Patio Furniture & Catnip Pot
Rosebuds & dasies grace a 14 year old chair
Catnip Pot & more recycled w/ paint!
Renewed Ten Year Old Chairs with Berries
Refreshing Blueberries Abound
Finishing touch on the side of legs
Strawberries on the Vine
Detail of chair leg
Continued Roses & Berries Theme Above
Strawberries Shade the Chairs
Roses & Daiseys hard to paint on mesh
Paint to the rescue for the Shade Garden 8/05
Planters replaced missing pink color in garden
Rosebud Pot adds a bit more
Recycled Vintage Over Night Travel Case 12/02
Makes a great OS Supply Carrier!
Dark Brown SwitchPlate dissapears into paneling
Open Bleach Bottle Fell & Spatered on the paneling
FA Acrylic Covers damage perfectly!