One Stroke Fun & Beyond In Acrylics!

Flowers I did similar to some on the blue sheet
Reach for the Moon got a Blue Ribbon!
My Lillies on box to match Bathroom Decor
Portrait Soaps Purrfict Gift 4 Special Pet Owners!
Peekaboo Desk Matt
Detail of My Macaw, Gracie
Paint an Unusual Flower Challenge: Slipperwort
Three Stroke Slipperwort
Kitchen Switch Plate
Dogwood Placemat
Dogwood Detail
Pouncing the scruffy brush
Now the Macaws have a proper canopy!
Rose Doily Tray
Long OS Rose Planter
'New Rose' Planter
1st Glass Painting...
Daisy Voltives
$ Store Cutting Board
New! Beyond One Stroke Club!
First Pots painted in '02 still in use 2012!
Side view of Butterflies
Pyrex Bowl and Rose Voltive Shelter
Garden Welcome Sign
Back of Welcome Sign
First Lattice Roses
First Bloom on the Lattice
Abundant Fruit 12" French Pot
Daisey Tray
Daisy Tray Side
Daisy Tray End
French Fruit Pot
Fruit Pot Back
Daisey French Pot
Strawberry Deco Pot
Hydrangia Doily Box Top
First Roses & Daisies large Pot
1st Heart & Flowers Pot
Triple Blossom Daylillies from my garden