Mattie & Arthur's Family

George Green
Celina Morton Green and George Green
Celina Morton Green.
Iva Jane & Melvin
1894 - Mattie is second from the left.
Celine and Anna.
A. O.
Grace Crozier - 8 mos.
A.O. & Mattie
Their Boarding House
Arthur Lyle
1910 - Arthur L, Iva, Grace, William (in back)
1904 - West 5th ST. San Dimas, Ca.
The Family
A. L.
Iva and Bob
Lacey Brothers - 1919 or 1920
Grace C.
Mattie & Lewis
Lacey Brothers - Harry,Archie,Arthur
Arthur Oliver
Green Brothers
Lewis on his favorite horse
Four Generations
Erma Pearl and William Harold Green
Anna & Mattie
Anna & Mattie
Grace & Lyman Bowe
The Ranch
Arthur L. and Arthur O. at 5th & Benson
A.O. with his Packard
A. O. & Car
Mattie & A. O.
A. O. & Mattie
Early Citrus Spray Rig- Arthur O. Spray Business,
Pat and Robert
On The Porch At The Ranch
Bruce and Lewis
Bruce & Gracie
Arthur E.
The Family
The "Horsemen"
The Family
Uncle Will & Aunt Kate 1936
Mattie B.
Monroe Street
Mattie Belle
Grace & Dick
Gaynor and Ray
Gretchen, Pat, Sara
Cousins - March,2003
Pat, Sara, Tam
Robinette Crest
The Robinett Children
Joseph Arron Goforth Morten
Neil and I March, 2015
Heidi, gmc, Bart
Goforth/Morten Home
Goforth/Morten Home