Maasai Outreach - June 2001

My Morning Routine
Main road to the Maasai
Preaching Jesus Crucified
Dub with new friends
Pallo and I out for a stroll
Waiting to hear about this Jesus
Typical Maasai Boma
The "roads" just never got better
The team with new Christian friends
Real Spooky
Sharing the "Good News"
With Pallo and his family
Walking from Boma to Boma
Out for a stroll
Our Wheels
More new Christians
New Christians
Nap time
My Welcome Committe
Her best outfit
Me and some Moran warriors
Moran hair styles
Moran entering Boma
Me and the boys
Hearing the Word
Teenage boys
Maasai toothbrush
Maasai teenagers
Maasai Moran Warriors
Maasai family
Maasai family
Lunch break on the Sergengeti
Maasai child
Like the look?
Leary of outsiders
Just me Mom
Just follow that Moran
Just another face in the crowd
Hope he knows where he is going
Home Sweet Home
Quiet Time
Have Gospel - Will Share
Friend Paulo
Paulo - Aug 1998
Interpreter Samuel & Son
Interpreter & driver
Enter the Moran
Entertaining Oneself
Dub the strong man
Dressed for the celebration
Describing the Crucifixion
A Tree Grows on the Serengeti
Children in a Boma
Maasai Moran Warriors
The Ceremonial Boma
My New Friend Pallo
Masaii Moran Warrior
A Bright Spot on the Serengeti