Burma Mar/Apr 2001

Sui Giving the Invitation
Sugar Cane Juice
Hiking to the Next Village
Snack anyone
Singing to the Lord
Little Monks
Giving His Testimony
Monks Listening to the Word
Sharing Gospel in Thatched Home
Praying to Accept Jesus
Praising the Lord
Pastor Tom
Pastor Eon Ku
End of the Line
Our "water" Taxi
Our "land" Taxi
New Home Under Contruction
New Burmese Christians
A "New" Christian Family
Nami G Sharing the Word
Gene, New Christian & Than
Praying to Accept Christ
Bringing Wife To Christ
Love The Children
Life Along The River
Buddhist Temple
Just Being Shy
Handling Hot Steel
Giving Her Testimony
Gene and Than
Gene & Evangelist Than Htoon
Front Seat View
Evangelist Nami G
Team Members
Dee With Children
Little Monks
Buddhist Temple Cleaning Crew
Being Baptised Buddhist
Accepting Christ as Savior
Accepting Christ as Lord
A Big Buddha