NEW! Galápagos Gal

Bienvenido a Ecuador
La Catedral de Quito
Exploring Quito
Galápagos Bound
A safety drill
A Three-Masted Schooner
Everything is Shipshape
Cap'n Hitty
Some well deserved R & R
Galápagos National Park
Don't Be Shy!
A Land Iguana
"Good morning, Mister Tortoise."
An Overcrowded Beach
Autograph Seeker
"Must you hurry off?"
"Hot enough for you?"
Looking Out to Sea
No need to get ornery!
A Female Frigate Bird
Another Day, Another Island.
Sun Protection
Lava Rock
Cactus Flower
Sally Lightfoot
Take Nothing But Photos!
Post Office Bay
In Andrew's Backpack
"Oh, nothing much. What's new with you?"
Cactus Trees
Funny Little Fungus
A Sea Lion at the Fish Market
A Caldera
One Last View
Home Again