Battles of The Revolution

1813 Battle of Medina
1813 Battle of Rosillo
1826 Fredonian Rebellion
Old Stone Fort
Haden Edwards
Martin Parmer
1835 Gonzales - Come and take it
First Shot monument
First Shot Highway Marker
Come and Take It!
Old Eighteen
Sarah DeWitt
Winslow Turner
Andrew Ponton
Andrew Ponton
Buried Cannon
Santa Anna Mound
Gonzales Memorial Museum
Murals and Cannon
Museum plaques
1835 Grass Fight
1835 Siege of Bexar
Ben Milam
Ben Milam
Austin Camp
Hendrick Arnold
John Balch
Captain John York
William Daniel Durham
Peter Jefferson Duncan
Captain George English
Samuel C. A. Rogers
Francis Menefee White
Stephen Williams, Sr.
Franklin Hardin
Major Isaac N. Moreland
Elias E. Hamilton
Colonel James Clinton Neill
John S. Roberts
Colonel Philip A. Sublett
Sydney O. Pennington
Major William G. Cooke
James Allison York
Daniel Shipman
Captain Nathen Brookshire
Barney C. Lowe
Major William Edward Howth
1836 Battle of the Alamo
Cenotaph - all patriots
William Barrett Travis
David Crockett
James Bowie
Men of Gonzales who fell at the Alamo
Gonzales Memorial Museum
1836 Battle of Goliad
Fannin Monument
Memorial for Fannin and men
Fannin Monument
Fannin Monument
James Fannin
Fannin State Park
Fannin State Park
Fannin State Park