Garden & Floral

small photo album
bamboo tile pendant
S & P
Ferns & bamboo switchplate
Pfaltzgraff pitcher
strawberry & daisy switch plate
Small garden sign
Fiskars fanny pouches
Denim ball cap
Pansy visor
Door hangars- reversible
Mums and Peace tiles
Garden Plaque
"House Hunting"
Magazine rack side 2
Magazine rack side 1
Small watering cans
Bamboo & ferns
Sunflower watering can
Gardening gloves
Copper ornaments
Bamboo tile pendants
Bamboo tile pendants
Floral domino pendant
Marble tiles
Red hat gifts
The "red hat" closeup
Front of tote bag
Back of tote bag
Old tea kettle
Tea kettle closeup
Tea kettle side 2
Cabinet door
Roses on white cabinet door
Floral welcome slate
Oil can ring holders
Oil can ring holder
Mail & key organizer
Close up
Photo albums
Floral Padfolio
Wooden spoons
Jars and spoons
Vintage silverware chest
Vintage watering can
Pink for a princess
Hawaiin sign
left leg
front pocket
rear pocket
my jeans
Valentine Exchange
Dream box
Close up of lily
photo that inspired my painting
Three Hearts Plaque
Floral cabinet door
Spring Exchange Gift
Record album clock
Pfaltzgraff dish
Floral Watering Can
Side 2 of watering can
Hydrangeas, pansies & iris
corner detail of floorcloth
Lattice workshop
Iris & Tulips
Magnolia box closeup
Pansy placemat closeup
Wild flowers & bird house closeup