In Which Hitty Stalks the Wild Mushroom

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Night after night
Until, finally, one morning...
Hitty leapt out of bed
"The most important meal of the day"
And off she went
"Hello, Pretty Flower!" cried Hitty.
"I do not associate with fungus."
"My goodness!"
Three Little Mushrooms
"Hello, up there!"
"What's your name?" asked Hitty.
"What a lovely spot"
"Pull up a toadstool and sit a spell"
"This bunch are all conformists."
"Oh, Mister Mushroom"
"I hadn't realized..."
"A School for Mushrooms!"
"A Truant"
"Pardon me, Sir..." Hitty began.
"Aren't you just the sweetest?!"
Little Miss Mushroom babbled happily.
There stood the lovely Mushroom Maid
"I am Anita Amanita"
"I hate to leave."
Hitty stopped to rest