Christmas 2009

Our Tree -December 22, 2009
Christmas Wreath 2009
My Angel Band
My Castle and Village
Our Fireplace Mantle
My Computer Room Decoration
Christmas Tree at night
Aja and Jordan
Dinner on the 22nd
Tamara and Jen in the kitchen
My beautiful Daughters
Ginger, Tamara, Jennifer
Group picture on 22nd
And laying a finger aside of his nose - ASIDE of h
Silliness on Christmas.
No, I wasn't leading this! LOL
Girls having fun
Crayons!! I love them! Thanks Auntie Tam!
Annmarie opening gifts
I love it!
Hi Sara!
Hi John!
Elizabeth - Christmas 2009
Free Hugs! Elizabeth and John
A Broom for Yule! I love Blue!
Graber Olives! A Holiday Tradition
What Happened to your Apron Grace?
I baked Dozens of Cookies to Share.
Ginger and Jennifer helping with the dishes.
Ginger, John and Jennifer
I'm ready for presents!
Sara - Christmas Eve
Annmarie with "Naughty hat"
Granddaughters - Sara, Elizabeth and Annmarie
Ginger and John - December, 2009
Elizabeth Dancing to our Christmas Carols
Singing Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve.
Singing Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve.
Ginger, Annmarie and Don
Wow! Faries! Just what I wanted. Thanks Nonnie!
I better check out this bag and see if there are a
Is there anything more in there for me?
Thanks Mommy, I love my presents!
Sara and new necklace. Thanks Dad and Mom!
Bart - Christmas Eve, 2009
Sadly we had to cut down our old Xmas Tree.
My Christmas Roses
Wreath on the Front Door