Photos by County Williamson thru Zavala

Williamson County - George Glasscock
Williamson County - Block House
Williamson County - Webster Massacre
Williamson County - Kenney's Fort
Williamson County - Pioneer Builders
Williamson County - Manuel Flores
Williamson County - Webster Massacre
Wilson County - Las Cabreras
Wilson County - Casa Blanca
Wilson County - County marker
Winkler County - County
Wise County - Butterfield Overland Stage Line
Wood County - County
Yoakum County - County
Young County - Major Robert Neighbors
Young County - Butterfield Stage
Young County - Military Road survey
Young County - Fort Belknap
Young County - Camp Van Camp
Young County - Military Road to Fort Worth
Young County - Military Road to San Antonio
Young County - Cattleraisers' Association
Young County - Teamsters
Zapata County - County
Zapata County - Mission Revilla a Visita
Zavala County - county
South Carolina - John & Mary Rusk