Photos by County Parmer thru Sherman

Parmer County - Farwell
Parmer County - county
Pecos County - County marker
Pecos County - Horsehead Crossing
Pecos County - Fort Stockton
Polk County - Moscow Academy
Polk County - Swartwout
Polk County - county marker
Polk County - James Burch
Polk County - Alabama & Coushatti Indians
Potter County - county
Presidio County - Mission Santiago
Presidio County - Leaton Home
Presidio County - county marker
Presidio County - Paisano Pass
Presidio County - Mission San Francisco
Presidio County - Apache Last Stand
Presidio County - Faver Ranch
Rains County - county
Randall County - county
Reagan County - Courthouse
Reagan County - Grierson Spring
Reagan County - county marker
Real County - Camp Wood
Real County - San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz
Real County - County
Red River County - Shiloh Church
Red River County - John Nance Garner birthplace
Red River Co - Jonesboro Crossing - Sam Houston
Red River County - Robert Hamilton
Red River County - Northern Standard
Red River County - McKenzie College
Red River County - James Clark
Red River County - Clarksville
Red River County - Home of Charles Demorse- 1936
Red River County - Home of Charles Demorse
Reeves County - Pope's Crossing
Reeves County - county marker
Refugio County - John Bower
Refugio County - Bower home
Refugio County - Peter Teal
Refugio County - Kings Men
Refugio County - Captain Ira Westover Home
Refugio County - Captain Amon King & His Men
Refugio County - County marker
Refugio County - Copano
Roberts County - County
Robertson County - Robert Crawford
Robertson County - Edward McMillan
Robertson County - Captain Henry Reed
Robertson County - County
Robertson County - Wheelock
Rockwall County - County
Runnels County - Town of Runnels
Runnels County - county
Rusk County - Shawnee Town
Rusk County - Trammel's Trace
Rusk County - Discovery Well
Rusk County - Bowles' Indian Village
Sabine County - Barney C. Lowe
Sabine County - Gaines Memorial Bridge
Sabine County - Sabinetown
Sabine County - McMahan's Chapel 2 miles East
Sabine County - Milam
San Augustine County - Wesleyan College
San Augustine County - Blount Home
San Augustine County - Matthew Cartwright home
San Augustine County - Methodist Episcopal Church
San Augustine County - San Augustine University
San Augustine County - Elisha Roberts home
San Augustine County - Elisha Roberts grave
San Augustine County - Early Presbyterian Church
San Augustine County - Edward Legrand
San Augustine County - Mission Dolores de los Ais
San Augustine County - Thomas McFarland
San Augustine County - James Pinckney Henderson
San Augustine County - Philip A Sublett
San Jacinto County - County
San Jacinto County - George Wood home
San Jacinto County - Raven Hill
San Jacinto County - Council Hill
San Patricio County - McGloin home
San Saba County - Meusebach & Indian Treaty
San Saba County - county
San Patricio County - County
Schleicher County - County
Scurry County - County
Shackelford County - County marker
Shelby Co - Shelby County
Shelby Co - First Battle - Regulators & Moderators
Shelby Co - Last Battle - Regulators & Moderators
Shelby Co - Sydney Pennington
Sherman County - County