Photos by County Coleman thru Erath

Coleman County - Camp Colorado
Coleman County - county marker #1
Coleman County - county marker #2
Collin County - County
Collin County - Throckmorton
Collingsworth County - County
Colorado County - county
Colorado County - county
Colorado County - Frelsburg
Colorado County - 3 Legged Willie Tree
Colorado County - Alleyton
Colorado County - Gail Borden
Colorado County - Benjamin Beason's Crossing
Colorado County - County marker
Colorado County - Santa Anna army camp site
Comal Co - Home of George Wilkins Kendall
Comal Co - Home of Ferdinand Lindheimer
Comal Co - Lindheimer Grave
Comal Co - Mission Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe
Comal Co - Site of Torrey Mill & Factory
Comal County marker
Comanche County - county
Concho County - Mission San Clemente
Concho County - Largest Pictograph
Concho County - Largest Pictograph
Concho County - Largest Pictograph
Concho County - county
Cooke County - county marker
Cooke County - Butterfield Overland Stage Line
Coryell County - County
Coryell County - Fort Gates
Cottle County - County
Crane County - county marker
Crane County - Horsehead Crossing
Crockett County
Crockett County - Fort Lancaster
Crosby County - County
Crosby County - Estacado
Culberson County - The Pinery Stage Stop
Culberson County - Van Horn Wells
Culberson County - Van Horn Wells
Culberson County - county marker
Dallam County - Buffalo Springs
Dallam County - County
Dallas County - Gen. Cooke & men
Dallas County - Texian Land and Emigration Company
Dallas County - County
Dallas County - Cedar Springs
Dallas County - Confederate Arms Factory
Dawson County - County
Deaf Smith County - County
Delta County - county marker
Denton County - John Denton
Denton County - John Chisum Home
Denton County - County
DeWitt County - county marker
DeWitt County - home of Robert Justus Kleberg
DeWitt County - home of Captain John York
DeWitt County - York & Bell
Dewitt County - Allen Caruthers
Dewitt County -Trail Drivers of Southwest Texas
Dewitt County -Trail Driver Frank Pettit
Dickens County - Anderson's Fort
Dickens County - Comanche Battle
Dickens County - county
Dimmit County - Espantosa
Dimmit County - County
Donley County - County
Donley County - Old Clarendon
Duval County - county
Eastland County - First Oil Well
Eastland County - County
Ector County - county
Edwards - County
El Paso County - Socorro
El Paso County - San Elizario
El Paso County - Salt Lakes
El Paso County - El Paso del Rio del Norte
El Paso County - Corpus Christi de la Ysleta
El Paso County - Stage Station
El Paso County - Hueco Tanks
El Paso County - El Camino Real
El Paso County - First Fort Bliss
El Paso County - San Lorenzo
El Paso County - San Antonio de Senecu
El Paso County - Capt Frank Jones
Ellis County - Frederick Rankin
Ellis County - Confederate Powder Mill
Ellis County - county marker
Ellis County - Chambers Creek
Ellis County - General Edward Tarrant home site
Ellis County - General Edward Tarrant
Ellis County - John & Mary Hardeman
Ellis County - James McDaniel
Ellis County - Thomas J. Jordan and wife
Erath County - William H Pate