More Tuscan Sun

Michelangelo's David
Florence's Duomo
Work in Progress
I still turn a few heads
The Old Bridge
A Day Trip to Bologna
The Sidewalks of Bologna
Under the Arcades
The Two Towers
The Fountain of Neptune
Bologna's Piazza Maggiore
Santo Stefano
"My Bologna has a first name..."
Yum! Kid with truffles!
Return to Montisi
This is not Montisi
It's Balloon o' Clock
A cart full of kindling
Yum! Bones of the Dead!
Afternoon of a Faun
Fungus Among Us
I see London, I see France
~ There was a table set out under a tree ~
An Eerie Scene
The Lonely Doll
Evenings on the Terrace
A Roadside View
Bagno Vignoni
Fruit of the Vine
Approaching Montalcino
Bustling Downtown Montalcino
Cold Stuff
Hot Stuff
Thirst Quenching
There's just something about her smile.
Ready for My Close-Up
I'm Queen of the Hill!
Deruta Ceramics
Souvenir of Deruta
Stopping Again to Appreciate a View...
...From Both Sides of the Road.
The Piazza Roma
Lunch in Monteriggioni
Meal Ticket
Pretty Woodpiles
Bales of hay
The Tuscan Sun
Festival in Pienza
The Man of the Hour
Approaching San Gimignano
The Main Gate of San Gimignano
Streets of San Gimignano
San Gimignano's Piazza
Museum of Torture
Very Tempting
Our Final Night in Montisi
Marina di Pietrasanta
Modern Art in an Old Setting.
A Sculptor at Work
Carrara Marble
Stone Carving Tools
Finished Works
I wish....
Memories of Tuscany