Italy Bus Tour June, 1995

Lugano, Switzerland.
Swans on Lake Lugano.
Flowers in Lugano.
Church in Como, Italy
Candles in the Church.
Sign of Como.
Il Castello di Caramate.
Gianni and.
Dinner Time.
Il Duomo
Stained Glass Window in Il Duomo.
Another View of Il Duomo.
Yet Another View of Il Duomo.
Important Place!
Scaligere Tomb.
A View into the Past.
Juliette and Joe.
St. Mark's Cathedral
The Rialto Bridge.
The Bridge of Sighs.
Feeding pidgeons on St. Mark's Square.
A Bus on the Grand Canal.
Bell Tower on St. Mark's Square.
St. Mark's Square at Night.
Synagogue in the Old Jewish Ghetto.
Joe and Bob on a Gondola
Marie, Marcia, Bob and Joe.
St. Anthony's Basilica
On the Way to Pisa.
Leaning Tower of Pisa.
A Better Look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Michaelangelo's "David".
The "David" Up Close and Personal.
Another View of the "David".
Yet Another View of the "David".
Signoria Palace in the Piazza Signoria.
A View of Part of Florence.
Synagogue of Florence.
Santa Croce Church.
Gioto's Tower, Il Duomo, and Santa Maria Della Fio
Santa Maria Della Fiore.
Gioto's Tower.
Doors to the Baptistry.
Ponte Vechio
Dinner June 7, 1995
More Pictures in the Restaurant.
Eleanor and Suitor.
Really Pleading!!
Eleanor's Husband.
A New Singer.
Our Dinner Table.
Santa Maria Novella Square.
The Grand Minerva Hotel.