My Miscel Pictures

Brian & Tamara with Aja at 2 weeks old
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Jen
Snow White
Snow White - August, 2003
Our Snow White
Palm Park - July 2003
Kindergarten Graduation
Mother's Day Brunch 2003
Our Science Wiz
What Toilet Paper? I don't see any!
Sweet Pim
Tam & Pim
Fairy Tam
45th Wedding Anniversary
Beth & Mackenzie
12/02 School Picture
Mr. & Mrs Bear & Baby
July 23, 1988
Bart soaring La Cumbre Peak
Bart & Wills Wing
Tam's Keva
Fun Times, 1980's
Thanksgiving, 2001
Renaissance Christmas
Thanksgiving, 2001
May the path you choose light your way.
Those were the Days!
Hang Gliding at LaConchita
Flying LaCumbre Peak
My Beautiful Tam & Bike
Jackie and Raine 2009
Nancy & Tom marriage - 1976
Nora and Chad
Morgan Rizzo Jr.
Tom at the beach - 2005
Baby Thomas - Chloe & Chad's Little one
Tam and Baby Jessie
Tam's Stain Glass Fire Screen
Tam's new kitchen