The Pageant Party 2009

The Stripper
Drew The Man
The Contestants
My Diaper Dress
The Diaper Dress
The Bash
Jessica & Miranda
Lauren Sue & Tamra Kaye
The Party Animal
Mr. Congeniality
Alissa, Amanda & Brianne
JMU Girls
Bri & Joe
Mommy's Diaper Dress Upset Dan
Night Night Time
Dan Takes A Diaper
First Runner Up!
Best Picture EVER!
And The Winner Is...
Miss Demeanor
The Two Miss Americas
The Winner Wave
All Teary Eyed
Oh No! She needs a bouquet!
Miss America & Her Flowers
Could She BE any Happier?
The Winners!
Here She Is! Miss America!
Teenagers & Tiaras
1984 Wearing a future Pageant gown
Missed My Weight Watchers Meeting
Bri and Nugget
Taking Out The Tiaras
Breezy and Alissa
Cosmic Bowling In Tiaras
Carb Coma
Won the Pageant, Lost At Bowling
Just Add A Tiara!
The Presidents
Dan and the Decorations
The Last Of The Carbs
The Brunch