Winter Diving At Canyon & Travis Lakes

John / Terry / Jeff / Mike
Jeff Wolff/Forrest Wade/Tom McDonald/Steve Chrisma
Terry Thomas/John Duggan
Richie Jarzombek / George Hipsher / Tech Divers
Daniel & Martha Gutierrez / Dry Suits
Nickey Marrison / Mark Stapleton / Ron Hamada
Terry Thomas/Instructor
Ron Hamada / Instructor / Dry Suit
Tom McDonald/Technical Diver
Larry Doehm/Wetsuit
Marvin Lee / Wet Suit
Steve in Dry Suit
Jeff Wolff/Mansfield Dam
Tom/Technical Diver/Dry Suit
Forrest/Dry Suit
Tom End of Dive at Travis Lake
Marvin Lee / Wet Suit
Richie Tech Diving at Lake Travis
Ron Hamada / Instructor / Dry Suit
Terry Thomas / Instructor / Dry Suit
George Hipsher / Dry Suit / Tech Diving
John Duggan / Owner of Duggan Diving