Purse of the Month -- Past Editions

Shorts / Bodysuit
Copper Dress set
Moss Dress Set
July 2010 -- Kelly Bag
Lemon Ice Chiffon Dress set
Detached Crinoline
Lemon Ice w/crinoline
Tassel bag
Fairy Bag
Mod top and skirt
Silk dress
Ralph L auren Ricky Bag
Lady D ior -- SOLD OUT
Bellbottoms, bodysuit
P ucci -- September 09
Tuxedo Dress
Fedora Hats
Halter / Trousers
Y S L Oct / 09 -- Sold out
Quilted Box Bag
Feb 09 -
Braid & Tassel bag
Daydreamer Handbag
October - Scotty tote - sold out
November - Spy Bag--SOLD OUT
Jimmy C -- SOLD OUT
Floral Tote -SOLD OUT
August - Cylinder -- SOLD OUT
L Priscilla
Marie Antoinette --SOLD OUT
fringe bag -- Sold Out
Enid Collins -- SOLD OUT
Red Logo Bag
I sabella F iore -- April 2008
May -- Burberry -- SOLD OUT
City bag - SOLD OUT
Speedy Fringe
Jimmy C hoo
Tote -- June 2005
October- Enid Collins 1965, Flower Basket Purse
M J -- Nov 2005
Enid Collins -- Copycats