SOS Beagle Rescue Beaglefest May 4, 2003

Resting on The Way To The Party
Someone was grabbing everyone's food
Hangin out
MMmmm Something Smells Yummy!
Setting Up Shop
What's behind chair number 1?
Having Fun
Snuggles and Brando taking a rest
Beagle Buddies
Ut Oh! The Food Bandito
Beagle beagles and More Beagles
I Want Some!
Beagle Love!
Having a Great Time
Boofy and Trooper
Boofy and Trooper
Boofy and Trooper
Snuggles and Brando
Clicker Training Demonstration
Watching the Clicker Training Demo
I want what's in that bag! LOL
More Clicker Training Instructions
Yvonne, Vicki, Snuggles and Brando
A Good Time Is Had By All
Yvonne, Mile, Vicki, Snuggles and Brando