Glass Engraving in Progress

Full sized design
Adding details to full sized design
Adding fine details to sword
Starting the "Summer" flowers 21st July
22nd July adding Thistles to summer section
23 July Poppies
24 July Brambles
29 July Autumn leaves
30 July outlining ferns
August 1 Holly and Ivy
August 5 part of Autumn and Winter
August 6th Unfinished Hellebore
August 7 Winter Flowers with unfinished snowdrops
August 8 Snowdrops
August 11 Crocuses and Violets
August 12 Unfinished Dandelions
August 14 Dandelions and Daisies
August 15 Bluebells and Wild Daffodils
August 16 Wood Anemones
Finished Engraving
Completed Spring
Completed Summer
Completed Autumn
Completed Winter
Finished Screen during Flower Festival
Bell ringers