The Great Doll of China; Hitty in Beijing

The Capitol of China
Gate to a Sidewalk Market
Asking for Directions
Mmmmm, Scorpion Kabobs!
A Nearby Park
Obey the Signs!
Silkstreet Market
24-Hour Tailoring
Temple of Heaven
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
White Dagoba
Buddha Tiles
Forbidden City Rooftops
Tian'an Men, the Gate of Heavenly Peace
Forbidden City, Gate of Supreme Harmony
Forbidden City, the Lofty Pavilion
Forbidden City, Pavilion of Embodying Benevolence
Forbidden City, Yellow Roof Tiles
National Grand Theater
Marble Boat at the Summer Palace
Dragon Boat
Lanterns at the Bai Family Restaurant
A Lovely Courtesan
Bicycle Rickshaw
Rickshaw License Plate
The Hutong
Siheyuan Courtyard
Tian'an Men Square
Mao's Mausoleum
The Great Hall of the People
A Banquet at the Great Hall of the People
Olympic Mascots: the Five Friendlies
Beijing Olympic Stadium
Building Team Spirit
A Country Farm
Beibei Blue
Our Great Wall Guide
The Great Wall of China
Stretching on into the Distance
Lama Temple
Lama Temple, Hall of 10,000 Happinesses
Peking Ducks
Tea House
Tea Ceremony
Plenty of Leg Room