Christmas 2011

Grace & Raine at The Bacara Tea
Our Tree
New band platform from Raine
Christmas Tea at Penelopes 2011
Tea Table at Penelopes
Beth & Jen with boxing figures
Raine and Jackie
Jen & ELC
Snoman Wars - ALC & Kim
Jen & ALC
Tam adding gifts under the tree
ELC - Look at my new Dress, Nonnie
Brice & Sara
Jen helping
Ginger opening Sparkling Cider
Cooking Christmas Dinner
Aja & Summer
Tam & Keith
Jordan & John
Rissa & ALC
Would you like a present?
Tooth Brush Wars
This is how you do it!
Jen checks out Jordan's new juggling balls
Singing Christmas carols
Keith checking out his new watch
ELC and shinny new red bike from all of us.
Christmas eve sleepers