One Man's Neil Armstrong Autograph Collection

Neil Armstrong autographed spacesuit portrait
Close-up of another Armstrong autographed portrait
Armstrong autographed X-15 flight cover of 1960
Armstrong autographed Apollo 11 launch cover
Neil Armstrong autog'ed Apollo 11 recovery cover
Armstrong Autographed Moonlanding FDC
Armstrong & Dave Scott autographed GT-8 crew photo
Armstrong & Scott autog'ed GT-8 launch cover
Armstrong & Scott autog'ed GT-8 recovery ship cvr
Apollo 11 crew signed crew lithograph portrait
Armstrong, Collins & Aldrin signed magazine clip.
Apollo 11 crew signed cover
Apollo 11 crew signed 5th anniversary program
Crew signed Apollo 11 Insurance cover, type 1
Crew signed Apollo 11 Insurance cover, type 2
Crew signed Apollo 11 Insurance cover, type 3
1989 ad offering Apollo 11 Insurance cvrs for $150
Armstrong & Aldrin autographed photo on the moon
Close-up of Armstrong autograph on moon photo
Armstrong, Shepard & Glenn autog'ed awards program
Neil Armstrong, 1970, Washington, DC
Neil Armstrong letter closeup
Armstrong's parents, Stephen and Viola
An Autopen from Neil's mother, Viola
Two page letter from Viola Armstrong, page 1
"I coax him to do a few of these for me"