Wilkes Barre

A School Of Silversides Obscures View of Deck
Hatch Door Removed For Entrance To Interrior
Observation Deck Below Guns
Bow Of Wilkes Barre On Starboard Side
Rick Corbin & John Coffey On Deck Of Wilkes Barre
Triple Firepower / 5 " Assault Guns
Marine Life Encrusting 6" Assault Guns
Stern / Lower Deck / Entrance To Interior
Entrances To Gun Mount & Interior of Wilkes Barre
Speargun Never Fired / Too Much To Explore
Amber Jack
Gun Mounts / Guns Not Present
Mark Radenbaugh Using Diver Propulsion Vehicle
Releasing Line & Starting Decompression
Amber Jack & Diver
Amber Jack / Open Hatch To Ammo Compartment
Amber Jack Cruising Guard Rail
Steve Eggleston Video Taping Barracuda
Gun Mounts
Gun Mounts
Rick Corbin Exploring 6" Deck Guns
Dive Line Secured to Wench Housing / 6" Guns/
Looking Down The Working End Of Assault Guns
6" Assault Guns On Stern