The Pageant Party 2008

JMU Girls
Breezy & Mommy
Our Fairy Princessess
ill Fitting Fashion
Could one of these be Miss America 2008?
They Bleed Purple
The College Freshmen
The High School Freshmen
Missed Her Period!
Nursing Heath & Andrew
Heather and Andrew
Missed Opportunity and friend
My Duct Tape Dress
Heather Reveals Her Muff
Andrew Trashes His Gown
Mold and Rust Stains
Keeping Tally
First Eliminations
Who The Hell Are You?
Our First Big Loser
Amanda in the Carb Corner
Lining Up For The Finale
7 Finalist
Miss Washington Gets 2nd runner up
Who will get 1st Runner Up?
Miss Indiana Gets 1st Runner Up
Who Will Be Crowned?
OMG! Katie WON!
Wardrobe malfunction
6th, 7th, 8th place losers
Losers In Carb Corner
Here She Is...Miss America!