The Holidays At The Highlands in 2007

Our Tree in 2007
The Stockings Hung With Care
The Red Room
Our 9.6 foot Christmas Tree
A Favorite Ornament
The Tree Top
The Ornaments
Santa's Little Helper
Deck The Halls & Stairs
The Foyer
The Stairs
The Dining Room Decor
My Spode
More Dining Room Decor
The Dining Room Mantel
The Green In The Green Room
More Green Room Decor
The Green Room
The Green Room's Tiny Tree
The Witches Ball
Deck The Potty
The Kitchen Decor
The Kids
Grandma And Lauren's Kids
The Kids and Mommy
My Dad
My Mom, the hostess
My Mom as a child
The New Daniel Chair
My Childhood Home
The Snowman Jammies
Santa Scooby
The Tree on Christmas Morning
Santa Dan
The Hobby Horse Horror
Our Christmas Card
Our Holiday Photo
Our Little Ho Ho
The Toppled Tree!
The Tree After It Fell
The Western Side of Shed
The Eastern Side of Shed
The Front Field Fence
The Tree From The Porch
The Pirate Ship
The Lights On Our Fence
The Kitchen
The Kitchen Porch
The New Chair
The Red Room Toys
The Rearranged Red Room
The Red Room Couch
The Fake Family Card
The Front Decorations
The Front Door
A Shed Window