Wuhai, China - Oct 2007

Mongolian Entertainers
At Student Home
Coming Down from Great Wall
Entrance to No 1 Middle School
Entrance to Wuhai Church
With Headmaster Maria and Son
With Headmaster Sherry
Headmasters Maria & Sherry and our Lynn
Attending Wuhai Church
Lynn and her twins
Me and the Twins
Mongolian Tourist Site
In Subway
At Great Wall
Oscar and I
Our Hotel in Beijing
Outsite Wuhai Church
Pastor Mike
Police Spot Check
Way Down from Great Wall
Way Up to Great Wall
Saying Goodby
School Parking Lot
At Student Home
Beijing Street Entertainment
At Student Home
Team Photo
The Old Folks
They set a great table
Tourist Shot
Typical classroom
With English Teachers
At Student Home
Student's Father