Welch High School 50th reunion 2007

Sammy Spangler and Tom Cloer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clark
Mr. and Mrs .Tom Cloer
Ronnie Thompson
Dexter and Nilda
The Porterfields
A real fifties gentlman
Car and Driver
Francis Bellhassen, Ron Gunter, Anita Collins
Look'n Good Girls!!!
Geraldine and Shelby Rotenberry
Ron and Bobbie Jean Thompson
Curt and Loraine Grubb
Life time friends
Pat and Nilda
In the Gym
Pat talking with the MT View actors
At Mt View High School
Unloading at Mt View
Bobbie Jean, Jean, David and Katy
Wives of three lucky classman
Ron Thompson and Michael Callaway
Ron Gunter
Rich Clark and Karl Zick
Pat and Barbara
Jack Warf and Joanie Clark
Friday night
Andy Tolnay Dennis Perdue and Tom Joyce
George Lee Counts 55
Gale and Miller Porterfield
Bob Stroup and Bill Barker
On the new gym floor
Fashion run way
Pat Donnelly
The Smiths
Old Jocks
Carol Cloer and Martha Callaway
Thursday 57 night
Friday night get together
Jean Battlo, Pat Donnelly and Fairy Harper
Jeanne Grogan and Sam Spangler
Delores Byrne, Nilda Ramella, Barbara
Master chef
Elizabeth and Shelby
Faye and Esaw
Bill, Delores and Nilda
Vickie Rankin and John Cassell
Class of 57 , 50th reunion
Between school buildings
Between school buildings
Class of 57 cake
At the Sterling
At Pipestem
Bus ride to the old high school
Welch and Gary meet again on the basketball court
Some of the 57 classmates at the old school.