Cruise trip with "Astor"

The incredible journey!
Shaking hands with captain.
the route.
playing nintento games.
the journey begins.
Raffles Hotel Singapore.
Marianne in Raffles Hotel.
Marina Mandarine Hotel.
Inside a hindu temple.
Hindu temple.
my cabin.
the life.
Beatrix and me.
Elfi and me by the "Astor".
our dining table.
Towards thailand.
Dinner with the Captain.
Ko Samui in view.
coffee at breakfast dining room.
our group of 5.
at Ko Samui, Thailand.
Ko Samui.
bolder rocks.
Monika entertaining.
bronze image.
river cruise Bangkok.
along the river.
scary eh?
along the riverside.
new bridge bangkok.
Marianne in the watertaxi, Bangkok.
street scenes in Bangkok.
the feet.
Deserts onboard.
the reclining buddah.
Sybelle in front.
a monk.
the golden buddah.
the palace.
Onwards to Vietnam.
arrival in Ho-Chi-Minh-city, Vietnam.
traffic in Ho-Chi-Minh-city
Marianne on top of Rex Hotel.
cute girl with her puppy.
I love this kid.
dragon fruit at the local market.
Inside "Astor" again.
international food market onboard.
Nah Trang
into the country side.
Along the road.
Beach in Nah Trang.
a lovely massage.
the rice fileds.
by the rice fields.
girl from village.
the" Astor" cruise ship.
sunset on sea.
the passengers.
dinner time.
3 friends.
hills of Qui Nonh.
same waterfall.
china beach, Da Nang
markets by boat.
Hoi An.
my taxi driver.
Hoi An.
passage way on ship.
pool deck.
Hoi An.
Bavarian feast onboard
Adam the pianist.
Peak Hong Kong.
the cable car.
Canon street Hong Kong.
arrival in Hong Kong.
Hainan, China.
Hong Kong by night.
going home.
New Zealand in view.
a bit more view.
close to Auckland.