2007 MAUI WEDDINGS 5/19/07 -to- 7/26/07

Patti LeGary, Portrait Specialist
MANIATIS RENEWAL 7/26/07, Charley Young
Another view of the ceremony
The KISS...again...
Sending an Aloha to friends & family
...on a little walk...
upsidedown reflections
Cute and cuddly!
and full-length at sunset
Finishing their evening...
KOEPPEL RENEWAL 7/12/07, Wailea Maui
Steven's surprise gift:
Sharing of the Chalice
Signing the Certificate
Laura and Steven, still going strong!
Over the Threshold (again)
Koeppel Family Aloha!
A little family stroll on the beach...
The Koeppel Family
WELLS & BALISKY 7/7/7, Sugar Beach
Excited Groom!
Wells & Balisky ceremony
their Vows...
Petal Toss for Loni & Steve...
the Bridal Party...
Wells & Balisky Group
The Balisky Guys
Loni and the Guys
The Wells Ladies
Over the Threshold!
Overlooking Charley Young beach
Coconut trees galore!
Mr. & Mrs. Balisky...Just Maui'd
Magazine cover?
A little fun on the beach!
Honeymoon begins now...
ROGGOW & CUNDALL 5/19/07, Charley Young Kihei
Ceremonial Scenic
Pastor Vance blesses them...
and then they Make it Legal!
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Cundall, NEWLYWEDS!
Little LoveBirds...
Patty and Damon
Just Maui'd...
Over the Threshold...
Not a particularly stunning sunset...