w Marilyn Radzat in Oahu, Hawaii , March 2007

Kat on Marilyn's patio
Kahuna Pahia & Marilyn
the yard between main house and guest house/studio
Donna kayaking with a sea turtle
gifts from the sea
horse, beach & mountains
Up to the Studio
The first project begins
Linda and Kat in studio
HUGE waves at Sharks Cove
golden clouds heading for sunset
Kat on Sunset Beach
Kap, a Samoan fire dancer
The group (minus 2) at the Luau
Kat on the last nite
Kahuna Pahia at Marilyn's closing ceremony
the closing ceremony
Heaven is a cottage by the sea
kat's 2 projects
Kat's Honu face
Turtle 'goddesses'
a double rainbow's end to the Retreat
Hang Loose till next time!