2007 MAUI WEDDINGS 1/3/07 -to- 2/8/07

Patti LeGary, Photographer
DeGUZMAN & ALLEN, 2/8/07, SeaWatch, Wailea
Lower Knoll of the SeaWatch
Ceremony Vows
During their Vows...
"The Kiss"
DeGuzman & Allen Group
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Allen
Sean and Pye
Cute couple, close-up and cuddly!
Sean & Pye at Sunset
By the SeaWatch Pond
LUSIGNAN & RHODA, 2/1/07, Charley Young
The Ring...
They've just been pronounced...
And now, Kathy & Dennis at play!
More playing...having fun!
Just Maui'd!
Fun day at the beach!
Mr. & Mrs. Rhoda
RAE & HUMPHREYS, 1/15/07, So. Malu'aka
Brandon & Summer say their Vows
Making it "Legal"
And now, a little fun with pictures...
Mr. & Mrs. Humphreys
What a cute couple!
Such sweetness!
Mr. & Mrs. Humphreys enjoying sunset...
SCHNEBELE & RICE, 1/13/07, So. Malu'aka
Rev. Tino performing a Blessing...
Reflections of Ceremony and Guests
While Witnesses sign...
Lusignan & Humphreys Group
Berni & Mitch, Just Maui'd!
Berni, a littly bit saucy!
Hang Loose!
WOODLAND & BRISON 1/8/07 So. Malu'aka
Kaye & J.T., Mr. & Mrs.!
Brison's: Just Maui'd
Little Beach Kiss...
J.T. & Kaye, Happily Maui'd!
SASAMOTO & SMITH, 1/3/07, So. Malu'aka
A cuddly hug...
Doing a fun little Recessional
A private moment alone...
Two little lovebirds, standing in a tree...
Awesomely Maui'd
Bill and Peggy on a morning stroll...
And now, off they go...