The Seasons Of The Highlands (UPDATED)

The Barn in 2005
The Highlands in 2005
Our First Snow
The Highlands In Fall
The Tobacco Barn In Winter
The Tobacco Barn in Fall
The Western Side
The Shadows
The Barn In Winter
The Barn in Spring Storm
The Barn In Summer
A Tree In Winter
The Same Tree...3 weeks earlier
The Baby Bird
The Weeds Before
The Weeds After
Looking East In The Garden
Looking West In the Garden
Close up of Wild Flowers
The Wild Flowers
The Butterflies
The Black Berries
The Roses
The Baby Bunny
The Turtle
The Opossum
The Snake
The Yard in Summer
The Playground
The Pasture
The Work Shed
The Driveway
The Barn Door
The Sunset