Patti LeGary, Photographer
Butler & Simpson 7/8/05, Shangri-La Cruise
All Aboard & ready to sail!!!
Rev. Stephens begins the Ceremony
The Ring Ceremony with Vows...
The Kiss...
Portrait with Rings
Her friend Brad, closer
Catered Buffet aboard the Shangri-La
Their Cake
Brad & Eric, cutting their cake
Butler & Simpson group, at sea
A moment alone for Eric & Brad...
Headed back to disembark...
Kelly and Tommie 7/5/03
A fun ceremony moment!
A sun-lit Kiss
Signing their Certificate
Hey! We did it!!!
Their Rings
Over the Threshold, Maui-style
Tommie & Kelly, Just Maui'd!
and now...the Garters
Awesome Sky for Kelly and Tommie
Kelly and Tommie, cuddling at Sunset
Jeannette & Erlinda, 11/21/02
A pause on the path to their ceremony
Jeannette & Erlinda in Ceremony
Their Cake Table & Rings
Private Moment
Soooo Happy!
Just havin' fun!
Just Maui'd!
Sunset Candid
A sunset toast
Ok James...home, please.
Jeannie & Mary Ann 10/21/02 Maui
The Kiss
We DID it!!!
And here's the proof!
Just Maui'd!
Jeannie & Mary Ann on the beach
Close up and cuddly
Jeannie and Mary Ann takin' it easy!
Private Moment
Their Rings