Family Portraits 8/1/06 -to- 11/11/06

Patti LeGary, Photographer
CALDWELL FAMILY 11/11/06, Charley Young
Jill & Cordell
Grant, age 9 (going on, oh I don't know...15?)
Cute kid! and brilliant, too!
Casual and fun!
Aloha! from the Caldwells
In a pile of coconuts and fronds...
Ahhhhh, just right!
LARSON FAMILY 10/27/06, Mana Kai Maui
Randall with wife and daughter
Donna's Sister with her husband
Larson Family Pyramid
Donna & Mark's grand daughter
Larson Dance Company
The Larson Boys
The Larson Family
Larson group at Sunset
JORDAN FAMILY 8/1/06, Private Estate on Keawakapu
John & Rhona Jordan
Daughter Heather with husband Henry
The Jordan Family
Jordan Grandkids and Grandparents
Down to the beach for some fun!