Medford Mall At Christmas - Part One - July 2006

The Pet Store
The Pet Store Interior
GinnyFaith In The Pet Store
GinnyFaith And The Rabbits
The Quilt Shop
The Quilt Shop Workers
More From the Quilt Shop
Another Quilt Shop Ginny
The Christmas Store
The Department Store
The Gingerbread House
The Gingerbread Ginnys
Fairy Dusted
Barbie Dolls In The Fairy Dusted Store
Magic Seeds In the Fairy Dusted Store
The Scrapbook Store
The Shoe Store
Another View Of The Shoe Store
GinnyFaith Shopping In The Shoe Store
Close Up Of Mary Frances' Ginny
Another Mary Frances Outift
The Wood Working Shop
GinnyFaith Shopped Until She Dropped
The Manger Scene
Mr. Jeff's Diner
Visiting Santa
The Spa
GinnyFaith Visits The Spa
GinnyFaith Gets Her Nails Done
More Spa