1st Euro Trip II - Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland

The Spinnaker Tower in Winter Sunset
HMS Worrior in Winter Sunset
HMS Worrior
The Mary Rose in Polyethylene Glycol Shower
The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose
HMS Victory
The Figure Head of HMS Victory
"The Mikado" Play at Coliseum
The Residence Area for "13" Brothers
The Hospital of St. Cross
The Wolvesey Castle
Turning Corner in front of the Roman Town Walls
The Itchen River in Winter
The River Walk by the River Itchen
King Alfred, "the Great One"
The Winchester Cathedral
Sound II in Crypt of the Winchester Cathedral
Inside the Winchester Cathedral
Windsor Street
The Street Where Theatre Royal Windsor Is Located
The Stage of "Losing Louis"
The Town Bridge
The Thames
Benches in front of the Windsor Castle
A Part of the Windsor Castle At Night
The Guildhall At Night
German Sky
Koelner Dom in Distance
Arched Gate
Front View Inside Koelner Dom
Back View Inside Koelner Dom
Stained Glass Window III
Survey Koeln
600 Years Human Power
Ant View?!
Hanging Bridge
Inside Castle II
German Street
Burg Hornberg
The Group & Ford Mondero & Koelner Dom
Inside Castle VI
Survey Rhine from Burg Rheinstein Castle
From Castle Room Window
Cliff Dweller
Inside Castle IV
Inside Castle V
Inside Castle VI
Inside the Castle VI
Outdoor Chess Game
Meat Stand & Luxemburg Boy
City Statue
Heidelburg Castle in Distance
Heidelburg Street in the Dusk
The Great Market I
The Great Market II
The Great Market III
Elector's Palace
Imperial Thermae Closeup
House in Heidelburg
Trees in Europe
Look Up the Heidelburg Castle from the Square
Frech Restuarant in Heidelburg
The Heidelburg Street
Fountain in Germany
Zurich Streets
Switzerland Senery
Alps Adventure
Alps Switzerland
Alps Sheep
Alps Kid at Door
Alps Cart in Flims
Alps Snowboard Event
1001 Night Party I
1001 Night Party II
1001 Night Party III
1001 Night Party III
1001 Night Party IV
1001 Night Party V
1001 Night Party VI
1001 Night Party VII
1001 Night Party VIII
The Seine Paris France
Notre Dame in Distance Paris France
Notre Dame Close-Up Paris France
Mona Lisa in the Louvre Paris France
Ieoh Ming Pei's Pyramide du Louvre Paris France
Dinner at Alain Ducasse's Paris France
The Eiffel Paris France
Place de la Concorde