Looking Good Now Experience

My June 2006 Cover
In The Limo
My Chauffeur
The Stretch Limo
Arriving At The Hotel
Call Times
The Gifts
Panoramic View From Hotel
Hotel Pool
Cover Girls Off To Vincent's
Vincent J. Salon for our hair
My Highlights
Vincent with Gina and Kendra
Kendra's Highlights
Cover Girls Leaving Vincent's
Makeup with Sheika Daley
Gina's Shot of Lauren Sue
Posing For Nancy
The Studio
More In The Studio
Blowing Up The Props
More Studio Shots
Yet another studio shot
Nancy and her staff
Lauren, Gina & Kendra
Jenny, Logan & Betty Ann
Lisa's Moment
Kendra's Moment
Kendra With Jenny
February's Cover Girl
Posing Pool Side
My Tara Reid Moment
More Pool side
Kendra, Lisa & Lauren
Nancy & Her Camera
Gina's Husband & Nancy
Nancy Brown & Her Staff
Bridge Hotel Pool
Nancy Brown, the photographer
Ed, Gina & Kendra
July's Cover Girl!
Nancy Captures Gina
More Of Gina
The Stalkers
More Stalkers
The Sky Writer
Wardrobe By The Water
Nancy Captures Lauren
Posing For Nancy...
More Stalkers Watching Nancy & Lauren
Nancy & Crew Shoot Lauren Sue
December On The Beach
Say Cheese
Crawling For The Cover
If My Kids Could See Me Now
Ta Da!
Dinner At The Hotel
Gina, Jenny & Logan
Jenny, Logan & Liz
Just before the pilot met me
After the experience
Page 3...Contents
Courage To Change...page 76
Courage To Change
70 pounds lighter...page 78
My Story...pages 78 and 79
At My Grocery Store
Tom Cruise & Lauren Sue
On The Rack At CVS
Lauren Sue & Harry, too
At The Grocery Store
Yet Another Aisle
It's NOT Brad's Baby!
What A Waist
Stretching Out
How I Broke The News