Family Portraits 5/12/06 -to- 7/29/06

Patti LeGary, Photographer
SANDAU FAMILY 7/29/06, Mana Kai Maui
Daphne, Jona, Lukas, Ron
Lukas Sandau
Jona & Ron, still sweethearts!
Daphne, climbing a palm
Having fun with their portraits...
DAVIS MOM & DAUGHTER 7/26/06, Iao Valley
Katie on the bridge...
Charlene in a lovely setting...
Fun Models!
So Playful...
Katie, looking lovely!
In the river...
Mother & Daughter take a moment...
Looking Heavenward, a special request...
HAMLIN FAMILY 7/25/06, Charley Young
On the walkway...
Could be a Postcard?
On a stroll, W. Maui Mtns. behind
Hamlin Family Aloha!
the Hamlin Girls
Glenn & Pauline, fully dressed!
Lavon and her children
...and then on the beach...
A little Family Stroll on the beach!
Lavon & Family at Sunset
ROLLINS (& MILLER) FAMILY 7/9/06, Polo Beach
Rollins Family
Bobby & Julie Rollins with their daughter
Kenny & Robyn(Rollins) Miller...
Family Beach Stroll
Rollins & Miller Families
Grandparents & Grandchildren
FERNANDEZ & MANITI 6/14/06, Charley Young
Cathy Fernandez...
The little family...
A little stroll on the beach
Family Aloha!
LENGEEK FAMILY 6/1/06, Charley Young
Julie Lengkeek
...and Brandon...
...on a palm tree...
a little romance for Joel & Julie
Joel, Julie, & Brandon as the sun goes down
WILSON FAMILY 5/12/06, Charley Young
Frank & Vera
"Aloha!" to everyone!
Wilson Family Silhouette
Awesome Sunset!